The Perfect 'Bellalicious' Linen Dress

The Perfect 'Bellalicious' Linen Dress

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We’ve decided to call our new dress - ‘Bellalicious’ ?? cause it really is delicious to wear.. - especially for us bigger girls...!! 

No 1. It's looks fantastic on just about everybody.. whether you're a Size 10 like Andrea.. or a Size 18...!! 

No 2. it has sleeves (and we know 90% of women want sleeves)... and they're nice roomy sleeves.. :) 

No 3. it's in this most popular vintage rose print.. 

No 4. it hangs beautifully from the bust ( looks great on a size 10 or fantastic on a size18 as well).. 

No 5. it’s a great length at mid calf with an adjustable ruched hem... (you're able to decide whether you want it tied up or to hang straight..!!) 

No 6. it's made to our specifications.. good quality.. and beautifully made... 

No 7. was up to $189, however we have it on special of just $129